mainelifehomes believes a home is a living, breathing entity—an extension of you, your family and lifestyle. Your home should provide a peaceful and protective environment for everyone, from now and years to come.


The ideal home is one that is built around the way you live your life. In Maine, that means balancing time between the outdoors and indoors. For example, building enough storage space to efficiently manage your recreational gear—bikes, boats, skis, etc.—but also creating the space necessary to live and comfortably entertain friends and family year round.


Building your dream home starts with us getting to know you—your lifestyle,preferences, likes and dislikes. This allows us to build a home around you versus fitting you inside a pre-existing home. Our relationship-driven approach is fundamental to how we work and extends to everyone we engage to build—architects, employees, subcontractors, material suppliers and more. We recommend early collaboration with architect and design team to ensure all of your expectations are fullfilled during the build stage.


Our mission is to build you a home that exceeds your expectations in every way. That means in part building smart homes with minimal impact on the environment, homes that conserve utility costs, provide a healthy environment for you and your family, and fits within your desired budget.

Eco and Smart Home Building

Reducing the environmental impact when building a home is one thing. Minimizing that impact over the years is another.mainelifehomes is committed to both. We engage partners who share similar values when planning and building your home. And we do the diligence to finding the best of smart, innovative technologies to buildinto your home to help sustain savings and ecological impact over time. Click here for more information on green building practices and ideas for your new home.