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Photography by: Pinkhouse Production

Here’s a great note sent to me from a dear friend who loves antiquing and giving old and tired things a new lease on life. She sent this to me after we had a long conversation over coffee discussing reclaim products and how I love to use them in new builds as well as remodeling projects. I think she nailed it. Thanks, Jenny!


By: Jennifer McGinn Fox

Reclaim: I love this word, webster defines it “by changing natural conditions: to recall from wrong or improper conduct: to rescue from an undesirable state: to make available for human use.”  There are so many opportunities in our life to “reclaim”. We reclaim our freedom, our interests, our happiness, our love, our souls. I have a close friend who builds custom lifestyle homes in Maine that loves to use interesting reclaimed materials in his building projects. I love visiting his projects and seeing things like an old window from a factory, now holding court in a beautiful seaside cottage. If I were to personify that window, it has sort of retired, worked hard in the factory, it was useful and now it has the honor and privilege to overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Instead of hearing the rattle and hum of machinery, it is now lulled by the lapping waves on the Maine coast.

One of my favorite projects he’s done was on Sebago Lake, where he used several beams from a 150 yr old barn. In their original state, they were covered with a century of dust and hay. The beams now stand restored, sanded, stained and they support the family room of a lakeside camp. From whinnies and neighs to giggles, snores, and the thunder of sandy feet running in from the days antics on the lake; those beams are smiling like grandparents. What a wonderful retirement.

Nothing creates a home like the energy of history. A new house can seem cold and sterile, but with hints of the old (reclaim) the energy of the house changes; a hidden heartbeat from past generations surround the house. In a sublime way, it whispers to tell it’s story. Before you know it, your guests ask “Where did that come from”, “that’s cool” and the conversation begins.  I love a good piece of old in a house. By adding the old and reclaiming it for a new use, we respect and show reverence to history, it’s importance to our great state of Maine and to just be different and have a house that is unique. So fun, warm, and inspiring.

Staples Point Cottage

Many thanks to the great craftsmen that worked on the Cottage at Staples Point on Casco Bay. What a great project and a fun time putting it together. This was the kind of project where the creativity was fluid from start to finish. Great ideas, very cool reclaimed materials and the perfect setting resulted inContinue Reading